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Vizlib Scatter Chart Properties - Bubble Format, Grid Format

In addition to Cluster formatting, you can use the Bubble and Grid formats to analyze risk over time. 

Hovering over a bubble displays its movement over time (its 'snail trail'). Create an interaction, on the legend to view the data per year, or to compare years.

This example shows the Bubble and Grid formatting applied to this scatter chart. 

Figure 1: Scatter Chart Bubbles


Grid Format

Grid Format settings (Figure 2) allow you to Show a grid in your scatter chart and control its appearance. Use the toggle to use the Grid format. 

Formatting options include setting its: Grid Style, Grid Color, Grid Opacity, and Grid Thickness.

Figure 2: Grid Format

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Bubble Format

The Bubble Format settings help you to manage the appearance of the bubbles in your scatter chart. 

Slide the toggle to Show Labels and set either limited or conditional formatting within the Labels visibility, options. 

Other formatting options include: Avoid Label Overlapping, setting the Label Font Color, Label Font Size and Label Font Family

Label visibility 

Limited (30)


Labels on bubbles are visible only when there are 30 or fewer on a chart.

A set condition that defines which labels are displayed (e.g. company name). 

 Figure 3: Limited labels
Figure 4: Conditional Labels

Bubble Size, Border, and colors

You can also set Bubble Size (Figure 5), its Bubble Border Width, and choose to customize a Border Color and Bubble Color by entering an expression, or setting the color to Inherit.  

Figure 5: Bubble Size and Color

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