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Vizlib Sankey Chart Properties - Colors


Here you have powerful options to define the colors of your Sankey Chart.

  • Color by - Dimension/ Node

When you color by dimension, the whole vertical dimension values will be colored identically. If you choose to color by node, then each single tile will have its own color.


  • Colors - Color Scheme/ Custom

Either choose one of the available color schemes, or define your own custom color range.

  • Reverse Colors

Reverse the order of colors of the color palette.

  • Coloring Type - Classes/ Gradient/ Sequential

If you set coloring by nodes, you can choose the coloring type. It gives you the ability to define how you color your nodes. 

  • with classes, each node will be colored distinctly; 
  • with gradient, you will be coloring the node based on its measure value;
  • sequential will color the nodes based on pre-defined range sequence.

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