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Vizlib Scatter Chart Properties - Axis Settings

Axis Settings


  • Axis 

Show/Hide axis. 

  • Hide Axis Label

Show or hide axis Label.

  • Axis Line Color

Set the color of the axis line 

  • Axis Tick Font Size

Set the font size of the ticks. 

  • Axis Width

Set the thickness of the axis line. 


  • Font Size

Set the font-size of the label title (slider or by expression).

  • Font Family

Choose the font family or define your own.

  • Font Style

Choose between displaying the label title as bold, italic or underlined.

  • Drop Shadow

Adds shadow effects to your labels. 


  • Axis Ticks

Set the number of ticks to be displayed for the axis.

  • Scale

Choose between logarithmic and linear scale..

  • Axis Tick Format

You select a number format with precision appropriate to the scale’s tick values.

  • Currency Format

Format numbers as currency. 

  • Currency position

Set the prefix or suffix position of the currency symbol. 

  • Axis Range

Here you can set the range of the axis. You can choose between having it calculated automatically (by taking the qMIn and qMax of the available metrics values) or setting a custom min/max value.

  • Hide Axis Ticks Labels

Set if you want ticks labels to be hidden. 

  • min/max smoothing

This setting ensures that the axis does not begin/ end with weird numbers. It smooths the value to ensure the min/max values are rounded to the next “nice” integer.

  • Display zero reference line

Add reference line for 0 value on chart.

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