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Vizlib Scatter Chart Properties - Colors and Legend

Colors and Legend settings allow you to manage the colors used in your scatter chart and the legend used to explain the color classifications. 



If you enable the Date Label Customization settings (Figure 1) you'll be able to set the Date Label Font Style, the Date Label Font Size, choose the Date Label Font Family, set the Date Label Opacity level and choose the Date Label Color

Figure 1: Date Label

If you choose to display a Bubble Legend (Figure 2), you can enter a format for Legend Values (comma separated), set the Legend position, enter a Legend Title, set the Legend Title Font Size, Legend Value Font Size and choose the Font Family

Figure 2: Bubble Legend

If you enable Show Legend to display the legend (Figure 3), you can set the Legend Position, the Legend Font Color, the Font Size and customize a Char limit (character limit).  

Figure 3: Show Legend

Figure 4 shows a legend at the top of the chart, and a bubble legend in the bottom right of the chart. 

Figure 4: Legend Example

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You can choose the color for bubbles in the scatter chart by selecting the Bubble Color dropdown (Figure 5), with options to color by DimensionMaster ItemClusterExpressionMeasureApp Theme and Custom Color

Figure 5: Color

You can see an example in Figure 6.

Figure 6: Bubble Color Options

Enabling the Inherit from Theme setting lets you apply a single color change across all your apps (Figure 7). You can also enable these color settings.

  • Reverse Colors to switch the allocated color scheme values (e.g. for coloring by measure, colors allocated to low values are re-allocated to high values). 
  • Persistent Colors keeps the colors you choose between selection states, so you can select another dropdown option without losing any changes.  

Figure 7: Inherit from Theme

Vizlib Scatter Chart can also inherit a color scheme created in Qlik Sense. If you'd like to learn more about coloring a visualization in Qlik Sense, click here

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