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Vizlib Scatter Chart - Interactivity and Alternate State


Interactivity enables the users to interact with the data in the chart as well as navigate across the scatter chart in order to have a better view of the data points.

  • Allow Selections:

Gives the user the ability to select the bubbles in the chart in order to pass selections back to the app.

  • Allow Quick Select:

Quick select circumvents the selection confirmation steps and initiates the selections right away. Quick select suppresses the ability to multi-select, but that's where the lasso can be utilised.

  • Enable Lasso:

The lasso functionality allows users to draw a lasso circle with the mouse to interactively select multiple bubbles in one go. 

In order to use the lasso, click and drag an area of the chart, or, when interactive zooming is enabled, select the lasso button at the top right-hand corner.

  • Enable Interactive Zoom:

Interactive zoom allows the user to navigate and to zoom in/out throughout the scatter chart to create a better view of the plotted data points.

  • interactive Zoom Mode:

Choose interactivity zoom mode (free zooming/ fit/ custom%/ custom absolute). Set the number for the zoom level.

  • Show Tooltip:

Activates the tooltip functionality which displays information about the bubble data point hovered over.

  • Show Guide Lines on Hover:

When hovering a data point, it shows a guideline positioning the points and magnifies the value on each axis.

  • Alternative Measures count:

Show the badge next to the measure titles with the number of alternative measures available.

  • Hide Cut Bubble Text:

When enabled, it hides bubble labels sticking of the chart.

  • Full screen Icon

Enable and disable the ability for users to maximize objects.

  • Snapshot Icon 

Enable and disable the ability for users to take snapshots of this object.

Alternate States

Alternate States permit you to assign the Vizlib Scatter Chart to an alternate selection state.

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