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Vizlib Venn Diagram - Overview

Vizlib Venn Diagram is a highly customisable, supported and easy-to-use extension for Qlik Sense and unprecedented in the world of data analytics.
It provides the user with the ability to easily create a Venn Diagram simply by dragging and dropping available dimensions and metrics and immediately creating visual representations of interrelations of data.

Officially accredited Extension by Qlik 

The Vizlib Venn Diagram graphically displays logical attributes as circles, with common elements of the attributes being represented by intersections of the circles. The circle size, position and intersections are driven by the elements who may own one or more of the available attributes.

Like the rest of the Vizlib library our newest extension for Qlik Sense has been designed to be highly customizable, easy-to-use for business users and supported. 


  1. Automatically render an appropriate Venn Diagram with intersections based on your data selections.
  2. Labels Formatting.
  3. Color & Circle Formatting.
  4. Full Control over Interactivity options.


Download the Vizlib Venn Diagram here.

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