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Vizlib Venn Diagram Properties - Data and Data Handling



Vizlib Venn Diagram supports and requires two dimensions which represent attributes, and elements. Combined together, attributes and elements provide a set of groupings, intersections and visual representation of relationships.

  • Attribute (First Dimension): Is an attribute of elements, like for example hair color, sex, height or age of a student population.

  • Elements (Second Dimension): Should represent the number of elements which have one or more attributes assigned to them.

You can find an example of how to add dimensions and a measure to create a Vizlib Venn Diagram in our setup guide here

When you add a dimension (Figure 1), you can enter a Field, a Label, Include null values, set a Limitation and display unrelated values with Show others, and create an Others label.

Figure 1: Dimension

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Vizlib Venn Diagram supports one measure which represents the size of the element population. When you add a measure (Figure 2), you can enter an Expression and customize a Label, set the Number formatting and customize the Formatting display by selecting an option from the dropdown.

Figure 2: Measure

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Data Handling

Data Handling (Figure 3) allows you to set Data Limits, Suppress Zero Values, and set a Calculation Condition, customizing a Display message to show when the condition has not been met.

Figure 3: Data Handling

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