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Vizlib Venn Diagram Properties - Interactivity and Alternate States


The interactivity section of the property panel lets you control how the user, and you yourself as a developer, interact with the Venn Diagram object.



Gives the user the ability to select the bubbles in the chart in order to pass selections back to the app.


Enables animation transitions on the chart.


Activates the tooltip functionality which displays a mini window with information about the bubble data point hovered over.

Dimension Values:

Show unique values.

Full screen Icon:

Enable and disable the ability for users to maximize objects.

Snapshot Icon:

Enable and disable the ability for users to take snapshots of this object. Note: Snapshot Icon has been part of the Hover Menu since the Qlik Sense September 2020 release, and is no longer controlled using the property panel.

Alternate States

Alternate States permit you to assign the Vizlib Venn Diagram to an alternate selection state.

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