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Vizlib Container Grid Best Practice and Troubleshooting

When you're working with Vizlib Container Grid it's important to be clear about what you can and can't do. We've collected together tips for best practice and any known issues and limitations, and listed them in this article for you.


Best Practice

  • Let's introduce you - If you're new to Vizlib Container Grid, or looking to find some information, the Introduction page has links to all the product resources and knowledge base articles.
  • Work with the wizard - Always use the Setup Wizard to start building your container, you can always add expressions or edit data in the property panel once you have the basic version.
  • Use templates - Templates in Vizlib Container Grid apply a look and feel instantly, saving you time and effort. You can even design your own and save them to use again. 
  • Performance  - Vizlib Container Grid runs using the Qlik Sense hub engine and each individual value is processed separately, which could affect performance. We've listed some recommendations to help you manage this risk, and there's also some general advice about improving performance in Qlik Sense here.
    • Rule of 6 - you can add more, but we don't recommend having more than 6 container objects in a sheet.
    • Export, Snapshot, Print - for these functions, the container downloads a visualization, then renders it in the container, which can impact the performance. Let's look at Snapshot as an example - the container connects to Qlik Sense, gathers the data it needs, then takes a snapshot. 
    • Containers in Containers - to follow on from the last point, if you have a container within a container, the download and rendering has to complete twice.

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Known Limitations 

  • Export  - Container within a container. Vizlib Container Grid will only export a chart to the second layer. Any containers added within a further layer will not be exported.
  • Export - Embedded URL. Vizlib Container Grid cannot export data when added to an embedded sheet, or when a preview is generated. 

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Resolved Limitations

These limitations have been resolved in version 2.0.0 of Vizlib Container.

  • Vizlib Container Grid does not support printing to PDF.
  • Vizlib Container Grid, if embedded in stories, does not support Snapshot mode. It will show a real-time version of the underlying embedded chart (this may be considered a feature by some).
  • We have ensured that, from a code point of view, the product's code won't affect any Qlik or other 3rd party extensions. We have introduced Code Encapsulation which ensures that we don't have any 'leaky code' resulting in affected components and visualisations. 
  • In Version 2.11.0 (read Changelog Here)
    • We have improved the Context Menu allowing users to access individual chart context menu's anywhere on the Vizlib Container Grid.
    • We have improved the Snapshot function.

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