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Finding and understanding your Vizlib extension version

The version of an extension can be checked in the property panel (extension settings) in the about section. If you face an issue, you can check our release notes if the bug was fixed in a more recent version of the extension.

To check what the latest available version is, or to download an update, check our download portal and click on the dropdown.

What does the version number mean?

We use semantic versioning, this refers to a widely used system of versioning in software development. An example of this is if I am using version 1.9.0, then a minor change will produce a new version, which will be 1.10.0.

X = Major changes - typically a feature or performance enhancement

Y = Minor change - new feature

Z = Patch - Bugfixes

Finding the changelog 

If you click at the version it will take you to the extension changelog. 

Finding the documentation

The documentation icon takes you to the community documentation for that extension

Finding your subscription type

The top-right icon on the extension E/P, indicates the subscription type you have. Enterprise refers to the on-premise version of extensions, Professional refers to the cloud version. 

Enterprise will show license details, including company name and expiry date.

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