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Vizlib Venn Diagram Properties - Appearance

Appearance settings help you control the look and feel of your Vizlib Venn Diagram



In the General section (Figure 1), you can add a Title, Subtitle and Footnote.  to your Vizlib Venn Diagram.

Figure 1: General

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The first group of settings in the Labels section are Dimension Labels (Figure 2), where you can set the Dimension Font Size, the Dim label Font Color and the Dimension Font Style.

Figure 2: Dimension Labels

Measure values (Figure 3) allow you to set the Measure Font Size, Measure Font Color, apply a Measure Format using the dropdown, enable a Currency Format and set the Measure Font Style.

Figure 3: Measure Values

Intersection values settings (Figure 4) allow you to set the Value Font Size, Value Font Color, choose a Value Format, enable a Currency Format and apply a Value Font Style

Figure 4: Intersection Values

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You can customize Colors (Figure 5), either by using a pre-defined Scheme or using Custom and entering a list of comma-separated HEX color codes. You can also set the Color Opacity and Reverse Colors to reverse the appearance of the color set. 

Figure 5: Colors

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Circle Formatting

In Circle Formatting (Figure 6), you can choose to Display Circle Borders, set the Border Width and select a Border Color Type

Figure 6: Circle Formatting

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The example in Figure 7 shows changes being made to a Vizlib Venn Diagram. First, a Title is displayed, then Labels are add for dimensions, measures and the intersection. A Colors scheme is applied, and the borders are customized using Circle Formatting

Figure 7: Example

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