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Vizlib Scatter Chart Properties - Reference Bubbles

You can add Reference Bubbles to your Scatter Chart object.

Reference Bubble lets you point a circle on a graph to highlight some data. 


To create a Reference Bubble define the Value for the X and Y axis.  


Give a Label for your Reference Bubble.


Bubble size value defines the radius of you Reference Bubble. 

Bubble Size

Bubble Color

Simply name the color or use the hex color code that you want to have for your Bubble.

Bubble Color

Outer Bubble Line

Enable it if you want your Bubble to have a border. 

Bubble Opacity

Use the Slider to control the transparency of the Reference bubble. 

Bubble Outer Line and Opacity


Bubble Tooltip

If enabled, the tooltip appears upon hovering the mouse over the bubble. A small "hover box" with information about the bubble is displayed.

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