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Reference Polygon

A polygon is an area enclosed by a set of border lines. 

Reference polygon lets you create a reference area by adding reference lines in a graph, corresponding with user-defined values on the x-axis and y-axis respectively. The lines can be parallel to x or y axis or in any direction. Once set up, the polygon can be of any shape and will be displayed as a shadow behind the bubbles. 

  • Area Color

Use the color palette or set the code to color the Polygon.

Polygon Color

  • Outer Area Line

Enable it if you want the Polygon to have a boarder. 

  • Line Width

Use slider to change the outer line width.

Outer Area Line

  • Line Style

Choose the normal or dashed style for outer lines.

Line Style and Opacity



  • Area Opacity

Use the slider to control the transparency of the Reference Polygon. 


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