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Climber Mekko Chart - Overview

Mekko Chart

Seeing multiple dimensions over time is sometimes very informative. With the Mekko chart - Climber Extension, it is possible to display the share of a total over time. You can quickly understand how your product mix is changing while keeping the full flexibility of Qlik Sense. The extension is responsive so don’t worry about different sizes; the extension will adjust the text accordingly. Schedule Demo to get a demo of all the features!

 A Mekko chart is a two-dimensional  chart of stacked, contiguous bars, it combines multiple variables of data into a single rectangle of a plot. In addition to the varying segment heights of a regular stacked chart, a Mekko chart also has varying column widths. Column widths are scaled such that the total width matches the desired chart width. To preserve the visual relationship between widths of different columns, there are no gaps between columns in a Mekko chart.


  • Combines a 100% stacked column chart and 100% stacked horizontal-bar chart using a different variable for each
  • A variable-width stacked column chart
  • Shows part-to-whole relationships across two variables at once
  • Shows the frequencies of a contingency table where the area of each displayed cell is proportional to the whole
  • Pretty!

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