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Climber Mekko Chart - Data and Data Handling


The Mekko Chart supports two Dimensions with one Measure. It shows two expressions for each dimension: one using the height and one using the width of the bars. The width of each column is determined by the value of the horizontal axis metric. The height of each segment in an individual column is determined by the value of the vertical axis metric.

Data Handling

Dimensions settings

Include Null Values

Uncheck this box to have null values suppressed in the chart.



Set the Data Limits by: 

  • setting fixed number ( for example, you are only interested in the top-10 values) 
  • defining the exact value 
  • or defining relative value (for example, you want to show only the values above 50%)
  • show/ hide the others

Measure settings

Number formatting

You have the ability to specify and customize number formatting options.

Show Numbers

Show numeric values on the segments. 

Show Percentage

Show the percentage values. 

Percentage Formating

Define the number of decimal places that the percentage should include.

Shown Numbers

Shown Percentage

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