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Where can I find the Vizlib Custom Report Plus and the Vizlib Container Plus?

Are the Vizlib Report-Plus and Vizlib Container-Plus available?

Yes, they are. We merged the free version of the Vizlib Custom Report and Vizlib Container into a single one, so as such the plus version doesn't exist anymore.

To keep the compatibility with old/new extensions without having to rebuild them from scratch, we've provided however a legacy mode (needs to be activated per user on request, reach out to for more info on this) that will allow you to download the plus version of those extensions.

Where can I download the Vizlib Custom Report Plus and the Vizlib Container Plus?

You'll find them in the Vizlib User Portal under the Vizlib Self Service package. Also, the "legacy mode check" needs to be activated first in order to download the plus version.

Is there any difference between the legacy mode and the standard?

The code base is the same as the standard, so all features and bug fixes provided into one are also available into the other. However, the legacy mode is not included in the bundle download and doesn't come with example apps.

Also, the legacy mode will be deprecated in the future.

Are those extensions supported?

Yes. Until the extensions are deprecated and as long as you are subscribed to the Vizlib Self Service package, the support will be granted like in any other extension.

Is there any tool to migrate from one to another?

Not yet but there will be. A conversion process from custom-report-plus to custom-report will be provided soon to facilitate the migration without having to rewrite components from scratch.

If you have any more question around this, please, reach out to

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