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Vizlib Container Grid Properties - Container Objects

Vizlib Container Grid supports an unlimited number of master items. These master items are added using the Container Objects settings. 


Container Objects

The Container Objects header displays how many objects have currently been added to the sheet (Figure 1) and lists all the container objects which have been currently added. You can click Add Container Object to add a new object, and select the chart displayed when the sheet opens for the first time by selecting an option from the Active Chart in Container dropdown. 

Figure 1: Container Objects

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Container Object Master Items 

To add a new item, you choose between a single and a grid View Type, then select a Master Item from the dropdown (Figure 2). Each item represents a Master Item of your choice. The Grid View Type allows you to display several master items together with a grid layout, choosing from a list of pre-set definitions. You can also enter a Title, add a Label, and add a custom Icon, setting the icon Size and Icon position

Figure 2: Container Object

You can choose to display the chart when a condition is met with Conditional Show (Figure 3), and also set an Active Condition to display the master item. The container object can also be used with Vizlib Actions, by clicking Add Action, then making a selection from Pick Action and entering the data you need. 

Figure 3: Conditional Show, Actions

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