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Vizlib Container Grid Properties - Container Objects

The Vizlib Container supports an unlimited number of master items which are added from a list of available items to the container object.


Container Objects

  • To add a new item, choose the View Type.  
  • Each Item represents a Master Item of your choice.

  • The Grid View Type allows you to display several Master Items together with a grid layout.

  • Layout
Choose a grid view definition from a list of already configured ones.


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Master Item

Each container item will be displayed using its chart name and an icon. You can choose whether you wish to display one of them or both at the same time.

  • Label

By default, the Master Item Chart description is used as the name of the chart, however using the label setting you can overwrite it. You can use Qlik expressions here.

  • Icon

By default, the icon is set based on the chart type of the master item. You can override this by choosing a custom icon from the fantastic Font Awesome library.

  • Size
    Set the size of the icon.
  • Icon position
    Position the icon at the end or the start of the title.

  • Conditional Show

Here you can set the ability to hide or show the chart from the list of available charts in the container. The condition can be driven by a Qlik expression (e.g. variable or selection).

  • Active Condition

Activate a chart in the container based on a certain condition which can be a Qlik expression. If more than one charts are activated at the same time, the first one will be displayed.

  • Actions

Choose from a list of actions as clearing/selecting filters or setting variables/bookmarks upon selecting the chart in the container. You can add multiple actions which will be executed in sequence.

  • Default View 

Lets you define which chart in the container will be activated when the page or sheet is loaded for the first time. If an active condition of an individual chart is triggered, it will suppress the default view setting.

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