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Vizlib Finance Report – Overview

All Climber Extensions have been acquired by Vizlib in April 2019 and are now part of our value-added product portfolio for Qlik Sense.

The finance department has specific needs around formatting and functionality for tables that are very different from other analysis. If you have tried to create a Profit & Loss table or a Balance Sheet within Qlik you have experienced the limitations of standard analytic tables. With the Vizlib Finance Report (P&L) extension, we have created a table targeted specifically to the needs of a finance department. You can easily create your financial tables and make them look just like the CFO wants it. Check out the tutorial to learn more about the possibilities of the Vizlib Finance Report extension!

Note! Building a P&L application does require a solid Qlik developer background as well as knowledge around finance and P&L setups. Do not attempt following the tutorial if you do not have those skills. The Finance Report extension and the provided template does automate the build process but should significantly decrease the development time needed.


The Vizlib Finance Report extension also lets you take reporting to the next level by adding live comments to the data. Within the financial report, users can add comments to the data. The setup is completely secure and it is possible to set up multiple levels of reporting. For example, a department can comment on their data, the regional manager can add their view and the CEO can see the whole picture. The comments are added in real time and there are no reloads or waiting required to see the comments.

Note! Any older PnL objects need to be recreated with version 2.0 and higher! 


  1. Download the latest version
  2. Qlik Sense Desktop
    • To install, copy all files in the .zip file to folder "C:\Users[%Username%]\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Extensions\PnL"
  3. Qlik Sense Server
    • See the link how to import an extension on Qlik Sense Server


  • Maximum of 5 simultaneous dimensions. (More alternatives are possible)
  • Indicator icons and data bars does not export to Excel yet

Recommended versions

Qlik Sense VersionRecommended
February 20192.1.1
November 20182.1.1
September 20182.1.1
June 20182.1.1
April 20182.1.1
February 20182.1.1
November 20172.1.1
September 20171.5.1
June 20171.3.0

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