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Vizlib Container Box - Overview (Previously Climber)

All Climber Extensions have been acquired by Vizlib in April 2019 and are now part of our value-added product portfolio for Qlik Sense.

When there is only so much space and you still want a lot of options the Vizlib Container Box extension does the trick. The Container object allows us to include alternative objects in the same space. The user can select what object to see either through a menu or just simple icons. A powerful but simple addition to the Qlik Sense user interface. More advanced users (super users or developers) can use powerful expressions to control what object is shown based on values or selections in the application making the experience both guided and flexible. Check out all of the features in the tutorial!

Note! The extension is created as a generic solution to allow for many different use cases. For instance, the tab labels allow an expression so it is possible to create more dynamic solutions and we allow containers to be placed inside containers. However, we still want the solution to be user-friendly so we have not exposed more technical options like the ability to assign object id with an expression. We have also kept close to the Qlik Sense design and do not allow for specific font-sizes (in pixels) to retain the possibilities for responsive design. Please have these considerations in mind when/if you suggest improvements to the extension. 

Container in container - hierarchy of charts 
Drop down menu

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Getting started

  1. Add your visualizations as master items

  2. Add the master item to the extensions


  1. Download the latest version
  2. Qlik Sense Desktop
    • To install, copy all files in the .zip file to folder "C:\Users\%Username%\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Extensions\cl-container"
  3. Qlik Sense Server


  1. Export to image/pdf/ppt for Filterpanes is not supported. (Limitation with QS)

Recommended versions

Qlik Sense VersionRecommended
February 2019Latest
November 2018Latest
September 2018Latest
June 2018Latest
April 2018Latest
February 2018Latest
November 2017Latest
September 2017Latest


Download the Vizlib Container Box here.

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