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Vizlib Container Box Properties - Tabs, Synchronization and actions



Use the Tab setting in property panel to add or remove Tabs in your visualization. Below is an example of four different tabs.

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Edit Tab

If you expand the table, like in the image below, you can configure the visuals of your tab. Try them out and see what best fits your vizualisation.

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Action on Click

The dropdown in the bottom gives you access to do certain actions when this tab is selected.

"Clear selections in field" lets you type a Field Name or an Expression that results in a File Name. When The tab is selected, all the selections in that Field are cleared.

"Select value in field" provides a Field Name input as well but also a Field called Match String. Type a value or Expression that you want to be selected in this Field Name.

"Select values in field" does almost the same as above but lets you select multiple values in the Field. By default you should type your values with a comma (,) as separator. But you can also use a custom separator by enabling that setting. If the Field is of data type Dual, the numeric value must be used in the Values field.

"Set Variable" is what it sounds like. Type the Variable Name as well as the Variable value you want. And as always you can type it as text or as an expression.

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Tab Control

Option to sync multiple containers active tab. Tabs with the same name will be synced (case sensitive).

Use an expression to activate a tab. When the expression evaluates to the tab name the tab will be active. A hidden tab bar can also be activated using an expression.

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