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Vizlib Simple KPI Properties - Appearances



Layout mode

Choose between the layout modes Fill or Top (Figure 1). 

Figure 1: Layout Mode

Text layout

Show from the different Layouts to highlight the most important aspect in your Vizlib Simple KPI visualization (Figure 2). 

  • Standard
  • KPI focus
  • Comparison focus
  • Comparison 
  • Hide all text

Figure 2: Text Layout


Margins for your Vizlib Simple KPI chart can be set to depending on the available space or coveted style and feel (Figure 3).

  • None
  • Thin
  • Thick

Figure 3: Margins

Horizontal align

Align your text either to the Left, Middle or Right (Figure 4). 

Figure 4: Horizontal Align


Style your text with three different size options and the possibility of choosing between bold or normal text. hide or show the KPI Label, Target Measure and Target Label (Figure 5). 

Figure 5: Text

Background image

A background image can be applied to your Vizlib Simple KPI chart wither by an Image URL, through the Content library media, or by selecting a preexisting icon (Figure 6).

 Icon as background vs Image as background

Figure 6: Background Image

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The Vizlib Simple KPI can be further customized by choosing one of different icons and fine tune its placement. To simplify the process the icons are categorized in the three groups: Good, Good enough or Bad (Figure 7).  


Figure 7: Icons

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Full control of color settings for both text and trend (Figure 8). You can choose to have quick access to banding for Target color mode (two or three colors) or you can use an expression to set the Target color. The trend color is independent of the target (icon) color and can also be set either to a specific color or an expression.  

Figure 8: Colors 

lf you are in need of more control of the settings, switch the "Target color mode" to "Expression". The color and icon direction can now be controlled using expressions. For the icon direction 1 indicates up, 0 points the icon to the right and -1 will point it down. 

Figure 9: Target Color Mode Expression

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Select what you want to show "on mouseover" the object (Figure 10). This is also where you enable navigation mode. The setting is found in Appearances --> Hover

Figure 10: Hover

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