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Vizlib Custom Report - Introduction

 Important: All Climber Extensions have been acquired by Vizlib in April 2019 and are now part of our value-added product portfolio for Qlik Sense.

Vizlib Custom Report bridges the gap between user and developer. You can create custom tables based on data in master tables, and super users can quickly structure a clear, flexible template. Users can then add and remove data from the table, moving and sorting columns without worrying about always correcting table calculations. 


We've made a video tutorial on setting up your first report which you can view here. 

Vizlib Custom Report is part of the Vizlib Self-Service product suite, and you can find out more about Self-Service by watching our product demonstration. You can also download the product catalogue here. 

You can find links to all of our Vizlib Custom Report documentation on the product homepage. We've organized our documents into several categories, and to make them easy to find, we've included keywords in the document title. 


This page helps you get started with Vizlib Custom Report and explains where to find the information you need. 

If you're new to our products, why not watch our video on getting started with Vizlib here?

You can find the latest version of Vizlib Custom Report on our User Portal in the Self-Service product section of the Downloads page. The software includes an installation file and a demo app, you can find instructions on installing Vizlib extensions here. You can visit our Demo Apps Gallery where you can search for examples to get your started. 

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Guides are articles which contain technical information relating to Vizlib Custom Report. Vizlib products all have the same installation process, and there are installation guides for Qlik Sense server and desktop, along with iinstructions on Vizlib Custom Report Installation and Setup, and how to Enable/Disable Totals

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Properties articles contain information on the Property Panel, which you use in the Qlik Sense Hub to manage functions for your custom report. These articles cover subjects like TemplatesDefaults, Presets and BookmarksDataVisualization Settings, Appearance and Alternate States, Additional Features, Settings, Grouping Dimensions and Measures, Visualization Types and Analytic Search. You can find the complete list on the documentation homepage

Note: You will need to install Vizlib Library to use Vizlib visualization types in your custom report. 

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Best Practice and Troubleshooting

You can use our Best Practice and Troubleshooting articles to help you get started using Vizlib Custom Report. We've compiled a list of Best Practice tips and known issues, and there's also a guide on a workaround for Exporting Objects Located in a Mashup. You can find the complete list on the documentation homepage

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The Changelog contains details for each release of Vizlib Custom Report, such as new features and bug fixes. You can find the changelog on the documentation homepage, and you can sign up to receive notifications of new releases for all Vizlib products here

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Figure 1 shows a Custom Report filtering and calculating information from the data set using Vizlib Pivot Table.

Figure 1: Vizlib Custom Report Example

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