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Vizlib Custom Report – Changelog

We constantly update and improve all our extensions to deliver new features and fix bugs discovered in previous versions. This page documents all historic changes made to the extension since its initial release.

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v3.4.0 - 16/01/20

New features:
  • [CL-1223], [VSP-1245]: Add Groups for dimensions and measures 
  • [VSP-1249]: Store the column width for Vizlib Pivot in Defaults, Presets and bookmarks
  • [VSP-1178]: Display correct wrap text of the Qlik native table

Bug Fixes:
  • [VSP-1224]: Incomplete visualisation error message when clicking on dimension filter icon

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v3.3.1 - 03/01/20

Bug Fixes:
  • [VSP-1183]: Enable selections on dimensions is not on by default, also forces row height
  • [VSP-1123]: Custom Report master Item label not displaying
  • [CL-1215]: Custom Report background color is not set to whole sheet width

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 v3.3.0  -   17/12/19  

  New features:  
  •  [CL-1132]: Adding selections/filter ability to Custom Report dimensions  
  •  [CL-446]: Add Support for Alternate States   
  •  [CL-857]: Improve Data Sets and Preset list   
  • [CL-465]: Introduce "Force background color" setting for custom report
  • [CL-804]: Context menu options for Vizlib Pivot
  • [CL-857]: Improve switch dataset options in context menu

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [CL-843]: Warning messages when using Vizlib visualisations  
  • [CL-1159]: Drag and drop to dataset does not work in Qlik Sense September 2019

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 v3.2.0  -   27/11/19  

  New features:  
  •  [CL-805]: Context menu Vizlib Pivot Table fully expanded and indented  
  •  [CL-803]: Context menu "export to app" from Vizlib Objects; [CL-753]: Export to separate object;   [CL-1142]: Create object from inside Custom Report on a new sheet   

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [VSP-1075]: qlik.getExtensionList(callback) is deprecated from Qlik Sense June 2019  
  •  [VSP-901]: digest$ errors in console while adding custom reports to master item  

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 v3.1.2  -   15/10/19  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [CL-1002]: Icons displayed when they should not and misleading text  
  •  [VSP-878, VSP-901]: Error messages when Custom Report inside CL-Container on QS Feb 2019  
  •  [VSP-771]: After scrolling down the metrics search bar, the search resets  
  •  [CL-1007]: Full screen window icon always on  

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 v3.1.1  -   18/09/19  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [VSP-740]: Custom Report does not inherit "Hide values with nulls" option  
  •  [CL-855]: Custom Report is not picking up labels in some cases  

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 v3.1.0  -   06/09/19  

  New features:  
  •  [CL-507]: Add support for totals toggle in dimension picker  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [VSP-842]: Custom Report not working in Qlik Sense Sept 2019 Technical Preview  
  •  [VSP-808]: When an expression/formula is in use, this is displayed in the label title area instead of the label  

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 v3.0.1  -   22/08/19  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [VSP-777]: Console errors during switching between data.  
  •  [CL-494]: Adding to Master Items generated console errors  
  •  [VSP-721]: "Remove" icon not available on Selected item label  
  •  [CL-498]: Custom report doesn't work inside container extensions  

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 v3.0.0  12/07/2019  

  New Features:  
  •   [CL-178], [CL-360],  [CL-25] : Include Vizlib Pivot Table, Vizlib Venn Diagram, VizLib Sankey Chart as visualizations  
  •   [CL-585]: Add new settings to allow menu items text to be changed by the developer  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •   [CL-393]: Tiny issue with color code expressions  
  •   [VZB-1590]: Setting for "Include zero values" not updated in the Custom Report  
  •   [CL-575]: Header for columns of the native table extend beyond the area of extension.  

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 v2.7.0   28/05/2019  

  New Features:  
  •   [VZB-1330]: Add Visual Presets/Themes  
  •   [CL-17]: New layout options for Custom Report  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •   [CL-241]: Qlik Sense April 2019 Support  

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 v2.6.2   29/04/2019  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •   [CL-181, CL-182, CL-183]: Move features from Custom Report+ to Custom Report  
  •   [CL-190]: ES-11954 Custom Report in Container loop issue  

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2.7  28/05/2019

New Features:  

  • Preset themes.
  • Left menu collapse.
  • Customizable font color, font size, font style.
  • Customizable border color.
  • Customizable Sort bar color.
  • Customizable extension background.
  • Left menu items can be customizable.

2.6.1  11/03/2019

Bug Fixes: 

  • ES-11497 Alert variable already exists.

2.6.0  21/02/2019

New Features:  

  • Support for February 2019.
  • Copy cell to clipboard.
  • QAP export to image/pdf.

New Features: (Plus-version):

  • Copy table to clipboard.
  • Added dimensions are added as rows.
  • Override for Include null values in Pivot table.

Bug Fixes: 

  • ES-10058 Defered state reverts when sorting.
  • ES-9963 Show Details expanded / Hide fields/Sort bar doesn't persist.
  • Column widths not persisted in state.

2.5.0  03/12/2018

New Features:  

  • Support for November 2018.
  • Bundle information.

New Features: (Plus-version):

  • Export to image/pdf/ppt.
  • Snapshot.

Bug Fixes: 

  • ES-10495 & ES-10494 Combochart state undefined.
  • Alternative state tab in property panel November 2018 and later.
  • Removed (Free-version).
  • Export data.

2.4.4  28/10/2018

Bug Fixes: 

  • Export data 'Invalid parameter' issue September 2017
  • License for plus and normal versions.

2.4.3  29/09/2018

Bug Fixes: 

  • Added Code Change Warning.
  • Fixed #74 Climber Icon.

2.4.2  29/09/2018

Bug Fixes: Plus-version):

  • Add lint to CircleCi.
  • Possible fix ES-9371.
  • Fixed ES-9905 Master Item description on title hoover.
  • Fixed ES-9720 export from Mashup proxy prefix replace.
  • Fixed IE export and render problem.

2.4.1  06/09/2018

Bug Fixes: (Plus-version):

  • Fixed ES-9720 Combo chart doesn't render if previous state exist.

2.4.0  30/08/2018

New Features:  

  • Show details.
  • Hide data sets.
  • Hide visualization settings.
  • Hide export to app.
  • Hide export data.
  • Hide visibility fields and sortbar.
  • Hide switch data sets.
  • Hide add/remove items.
  • Icons option for changing visualization types.

New Features: (Plus-version):

  • Show data labels Combo chart.
  • Show data points Combo chart.
  • Sort dimensions/measures Combo chart.
  • Sort dimensions Pivot table.

Bug Fixes: 

  • Totals on as default.
  • Reorganized settings in property panel
  • Perfect scrollbar bug.
  • Fixed Export to app, fields with dangling spaces.

2.3.0  02/08/2018

New Features: (Plus-version):

  • Defer layout update (experimental feature).

Bug Fixes:

  • Selections drop with large apps.
  • qColumnOrder property sync issue.
  • Reflow issue and CSS improvements (Firefox).
  • Climber Custom Report and Custom Report+ releases are from now on synced.
  • Disable Use expression labels in QS Nov 2017 and prior.

Bug Fixes (Plus-version):

  • Step back/forward issue.

2.2.1  18/07/2018

Bug Fixes:

  • Source on Github out of sync with release.

2.2.0  18/07/2018

Bug Fixes:

  • Issues introduced with 2.1.2 and 2.1.3.

2.1.3  13/07/2018

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed parameters for pivot table and combochart for before april 2018 versions. (Plus-version).
  • Corrected timeout parameter.
  • Fixed expression labels don't show as default when upgrading from 1.3.x to 2.x, even though property is set to false.

2.1.2  11/07/2018

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed patch timeout for dimension och measure selections.
  • Hotfix for export url in mashup environments.

2.1.1  29/06/2018

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed swaping columns.
  • Fixed Export title name.

2.1.0  21/06/2018

New Features:  

  • Use expression labels option.
  • Option to sort selected items first, default value true.
  • Context menu include zero values.
  • Custom Export data dialog, that works in a mashup.
  • Export to new app goes to insights mode if June 2018 or later.
  • Improved error message on export to app.

Bug Fixes:

  • Export to new app/template for values sometimes is exported as NaN.
  • Export to new app/template dual fields with spaces.
  • Works with QS June 2018.
  • Fix selections after search.
  • Improved clean up.
  • Overflow caused by textarea.

2.0.3 24/05/2018

Bug Fixes:

  • Can be used in a Container extension like Climber Container.

2.0.2 07/05/2018

New Features:

  • Sums on/off.
  • Search dimensions/measures.
  • Clear all dimensions/measures.
  • Export to app.
  • Hide/Show sort bar.
  • Respect zero value settings in master table.
  • One default state per data set (previously one per custom report object).
  • Remember column width within a session.
  • Updated license.




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