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Vizlib Custom Report Properties - Visualization Settings


Visualization Settings

The settings for visualizations are found both as a default in the Custom Report object (Figure 1). 

Figure 1: Custom Report

and for each data set created in the Data Set Creator (Figure 2). 

Figure 2: Data Set Creator

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Sorting Dimensions and Measures

Right-click on any dimension or measure will allow sorting based on that. The sort order used is the one defined in the Master Item table or in the data set settings. This means that any type of sorting within a dimension can be used. Not just alphabetical/numerical but any expression. Just make sure the expression work with all combinations of dimensions/measures.


Figure 3: Sorting Measures

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Sort Bar (Legacy - Now in Analytic Search)

With the sort bar you can change the order of the dimensions and measures (Figure 4). It is possible to hide the sort bar for different visualizations types. Instead of remarking all your dimensions and measures the sort bar allows you to rearrange them with a smooth built in drag and drop functionality. 

Note: From QS February 2018 it's possible to change column order in a table by dragging in the column header so typically a straight table does not need the Sort Bar.

Figure 4: Sort Bar

Hide or show the sort bar with just a simple click, go to Visualizations settings --> Choose type of table --> Hide sort bar (Figure 5). Want to have your sort bar hidden but still have the option to rearrange your dimensions and measures? Don't worry, just right-clicking the menu allows you to make changes even with fields/sortbar hidden.

Figure 5: Hide Sort Bar 

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