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List types

Choose between five different list types when entering data in your Vizlib Selection Bar as a new list item.

  • Field  - Standard horizontal selection from any field in the application. Intended for use with Year/Month field but will of course work with any field.
  • Variable - For variable selection of single ("always one selected") variable. Typical use is for currency selection. 
  • Flags - Easy country selection where you don't have room for a map but want something that looks nice. 
  • Date range picker - Drop down calendar for selection of dates.
  • Button - Click element, enables copying a section, exporting or redirecting with a link.



Flags are translated from country names or ISO-codes. The application attached to the documentation shows an example and in the Excel-file is a list of all supported countries.



Date range picker

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Initial selections

For each list item there is the option to create an initial selection. For fields that have a numeric representation that is the value that has to be used. (This goes both for only numeric and for dual value fields.) 

To add multiple text selections use a string like this: ='Finland,Netherlands,United Kingdom'

The inital selection can be activated either each time a sheet is opened or only once per session. (Take care if you use initial selections in multiple lists and/or on different sheets since each one will be executed unless you are reusing the same master item.)

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