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Vizlib Finance Report - Comments

Note! Use of comments require a separate installation of the Climber Backend Service. Do not activate comments unless you have access to this feature. 


Measure Settings

The middle picture below is an example of the comment properties settings. Typically comments are connected to at least a period and a row in the Finance Report. A more complex hierarchy can be added.


Comment measure key: The setting defaults to the measure title if not set. 

Comment period: When the top dimension is used as period it overrides the setting here. See above picture to the right.


Optionally comments can be allowed/disallowed based on an expression. There is also a special setting for using QMC to only allow commenting on an open period. 

Hierarchy levels

Hierarchies are used to define who can write and who get access to comments. It also specifies how comments are stored.


The starting point is a strict hierachy. I.e. a child can only have 1 parent in the hierarchy. Comments can only be made on one item on one level e.g. Sweden on level Country. If the user makes selection Europe in the Hierarchy Field Region above, comments made on field values associtatied with that selections are shown. Excluded values/comments are not shown. 

Hierarchy levels are added in the property panel under Comments --> Hierarchy levels, see right side picture above.

No Selections - Top of hierarchy

Comments can be made on Top of Hierarchy, a virtual level that is always present. Shows comments for all levels, and possible values. 

One selected in field Country

Comments can be made on Sweden on level Country. Shows comments for Country Sweden and Company A,B & C.


One selected in fields Country and Company

Comments can be made on A on level Company. Shows comments for Company A.

One selected in field Country and 2 selected in field Company

Comments can not be made, because there are multiple selections in field Company. Shows comments for Company A & B.


Comments condition

More complex situations like the one above (with selections in fields outside the set hierarchy) can be controlled by the comments condition.


Below are a few example of comments implementations. 

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