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Vizlib Finance Report - Appearance and Row Styles



  • Choose to show or hide the title of your report
  • Show details to allow the user to choose what details they want to see.
  • Enable snapshots


Under the Appearance --> Appearance section the user can customize their report to accommodate the users needs. The following style changes can be applied under this section:

  • Change background color of the whole report
  • Customize the header colors
    • Header background color
    • Header text color
  • Hide or show:
    • Headers
    • Dimension dropdown
  • Change dropdown label
  • Hide row hover to deactivate hover animation
  • Set a min column width for user experience
  • Choose to adjust the header column width by Data or Text

Row Styles

It's possible to style the rows from the property panel (Row Styles). By default, there are 4 styles but more (up to 99) can be added as needed. Every style has a number , eg. Regular (0), SubTotal(1). This number relates to the row style number in the excel file (see the section about the excel template) 

The following options are available

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