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Vizlib Container Grid Properties - Carousel Settings


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  • Use Arrows

Show/ hide arrows.

  • Arrows inside the Container

Embed Arrows inside the Container Object.

  • Arrows Margin

Define the distance between the Arrows. 

Arrows Icon
  • Left/ Right Arrows

Choose an Icon to represent the left and right Arrows using an icon picker. 

Arrows Color
  • Arrows Color

Choose the Color for Arrows. 

  • Hover Arrows Color

Define the Hover color used to highlight the area being moused over. 

  • Arrows Opacity

Set the Opacity of the Arrows.

Arrows Size
  • Define the Size of the Arrows.

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  • Enable to show the Indicators
Indicators Color
  • Active Indicator Color

Choose the Color of the Active Indicator to be represented.

  • Indicator Opacity

Set the Opacity of the Active Indicator.

Indicators Size
  •  Define the Size of the Indicators (slider or by expression).
Indicators Icon
  • Choose an Icon for the Indicators to be represented.

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Slide Show
  • Enable Slide show if you want the Carousel Slides to be Switched automatically.
  • Switch Time

Define the Switch Time interval

slideshow example:

carousel styling examples:

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