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Vizlib Pivot Table Properties - Interactivity, Actions



The Interactivity tab contains settings related to showing or hiding functions when the app is in analysis mode. Pivot Table mode (Figure 1) converts the table to read-only mode, where selections are disabled when a cell is clicked. Choosing Allow Selection on Measure selects the related dimension value when the measure is clicked. In the Pivot Header Actions section there are settings to show or hide various controls - Show/ Hide Export Button Icon, Show/ Hide Alternative Selector and Hide False Dimension/Measure Calculation Condition, where the user won't see dimensions and measures where the Calculation Condition is set to false. Show Maximize Icon

controls the ability for users to maximize objects.

Figure 1: Pivot Table Mode, Pivot Header Actions

In Formatted Export Settings (Figure 2), you can choose a format to Export to Excel, Include selections and titles, select an option for Export Icon Settings and switch the Loading screen between Vizlib and Qlik Sense.

Figure 2: Formatted Export Settings

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The Actions settings (Figure 3) integrate the pivot table with Vizlib Actions. If an action is added, it will run after the user clicks on a cell to make a selection. Currently, the actions Vizlib Pivot Table supports are Lock Field, Lock All Selected, Unlock All Selected, Activate Next Sheet, Activate Previous Sheet, Activate Sheet, Open URL, Set Variable, and Sleep.

Figure 3: Actions

Integrating with Vizlib Actions will allow you to drill through the data and learn about the underlying data which creates the pivot table. You can find out more about Vizlib Actions in the reference here

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