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Vizlib Pivot Table Properties - Pivot Table Settings

Pivot Table Settings provide you with options to control the structure and design of the Vizlib Pivot Table object. 



The Scrollbar settings (Figure 1) control the starting point for the horizontal scroll bar within the pivot table.

Figure 1: Scrollbar

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With the Rows (left) menu (Figure 2), you can set the row Height to Auto or Fixed using the slider, enable a hierarchical view with Indent Row, set the Indent left margin, and have the pivot table set to Always Fully Expanded

Figure 2: Rows

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You can control the pivot table columns with Columns (Figure 3), setting Stretch Columns to either Fill to width or Size to data, set an automatic Column Size (or have a Custom width using the slider), and control the width of the column containing dimension names, setting Left Dim Mode as Pixels or Percentage.

Figure 3: Columns

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The settings related to highlighting (Figure 4) allow you to choose to Highlight Rows On Hover, Highlight Columns On Hover, choose a setting for Highlighting Dimension Values (Last Level, All Levels or Disabled), and set a color for the Hover Background

Figure 4: Highlight 

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