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Top Menu

The top menu lets you configure the navigation panel of the extensions located at the top of your sheet.

Logo and Title

Here you can add a logo to your navigation panel, to give your app a more branded look. Further to this, you will find all settings related to adding the logo such as the URL, the size, and whether you wish to combine clicking on the Logo with Qlik actions.

Show/Hide Conditions

Each item of the top menu also has a show/hide functionality to allow you to fully customize the top sheet menu items. You can access this option through the "Show Navigation" switch under the "Show/Hide Condition" option to make use of expressions to either dynamically show or hide the buttons

Sheet Menu Items

This section of the property panel allows you to generate the sheet menu items, such as groups or individual sheets. You can then format your sheets by customizing the name, add an icon, add a calculation condition to show/hide the sheet and combine it with actions, such as making selections before changing the sheet. It's highly recommended you use the wizard to create the sheet menu items.

Native Buttons

In this part of the top menu properties, you can define which native buttons (Qlik Sense functionality, e.g. Stories, Bookmarks & etc.) is included or hidden from the navigation bar. You add conditional show/hide calculations, and to overwrite it's native text description, as well as combine it with a descriptive tool-tip.

Custom Buttons

The custom button section permits you to create your own custom button which can perform user-defined actions (such as making selections, opening URLs & more) or display tooltips.

Custom Text

The custom text allows you to add a custom text to the top navigation bar, such as the below example. 

top menu settings example:

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