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Vizlib Heatmap - Overview

Vizlib Heatmap is a highly customisable, supported and easy-to-use extension for Qlik Sense which provides features such as Custom color palettes, enhanced tooltips, smart legend positioning, completely configurable reference lines, rich formatting, full interactivity control and much more.

The Vizlib Heatmap extension for Qlik Sense is a graphical representation of your data, where the individual values contained in a matrix are highlighted as colors based on your measure, filling the gap of something that is missing in the native Qlik Sense Chart Library.


  • Fully customizable Heatmap with rich formatting options.
  • Legend Control including flexible positioning (bottom/top/left/right/radial, left/right alignment, legend scale, labels).
  • Supports multiple measures to populate the Powerful tooltip - add more metrics and KPIs and display them on hover.
  • Choose from a wide range of color palettes or set your own colors for your Heatmap.
  • Reference lines - Add X and Y axis dimension lines to help display targets or thresholds.
  • Full control over interactivity and ability to turn native functionality off (i.e: full screen, snapshot buttons).


Download the Vizlib Heatmap here.

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