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Vizlib Heatmap Properties - Reference Lines

Reference Lines

You can add a reference line to your Heatmap Object.

  • Dimension Value

Determine the Dimension Value.

  • Label

Define the Label for your Reference Line.

  • Font Color

Choose the Font Color of the Label. (Use the color-palette or set the expression.)

  • Font Size

Define the Font Size of the Label. (Slider or by expression.)

  • Text Opacity

Change the transparency of the Label. 

  • Font Style

Choose between bold, underlined, italic Font Style.

  • Label Position

Choose between top and bottom position of the Label.

  • Horizontal Align

Choose between left/ center/ right horizontal alignment of the Label. 

  • Line Color

Set the Reference Line Color.

  • Line Width

Define the Thickness of your Reference Line.

  • Line Opacity

Determine the Visibility of the Reference Line.

  • Line Style

You can make the line dashed or normal.

  • Line Position

Determine Line Position : Top/ Middle/ Bottom.

  • Show

Condition for the reference line to be displayed only when the calculation condition is true.

heatmap with reference lines example:

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