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Vizlib Heatmap Properties - Legend


  • Show/ hide the legend.

  • Choose the Legend Orientation: Left/ Right for Vertical Orientation and Top/ Bottom for Horizontal.

heatmap with legend example:

  • Set the Legend Size: fixed pixel or full width.

  • Show legend values - either automatically based on space or show min/ max values only. 
  • Enable Animations - use mean in scale (Calculate the mean of data set and use it as middle value in color scale. If disabled- it separates the ticks values by distribution.) 

heatmap with legend example:

  • Choose the Legend Value Number Format. 

  • Enable the Measure Title.
  • Choose the Title Color (color-picker or by expression).
  • Set the Title Font Size (slider or by expression).
  • Choose the Title Font Family or define your own.
  • Choose the Measures Font Style (bold, italic, underlined).

  • Show/ Hide the count for available alternative dimensions.
  •  Show/ hide the drill-down breadcrumbs when a drill-down dimension is used.


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