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Vizlib Advanced Text Object Properties - Tooltip


Tooltip support with several configurable settings including effects and animations.


  • Enable Tooltip
Set if you want the tooltip to be enabled.  A small "hover box" with information about the Advanced text object will be displayed.
  • Tooltip Settings Mode

Toggle to advanced mode in order to access more tooltip options across the panel.

  • Tooltip Mode

Choose between Hover and Click modes. Hover- the tooltip appears upon hovering the mouse over the object. Click - the tooltip will appear by clicking on the Advanced Text object.

Show/ Hide Tooltip arrows.
Show Hide question mark on hover.

Tooltip Text

  • Set the Text for the Tooltip.
  • Define the Tooltip Text Color.
  • Choose the Background Color of the Tooltip.

Tooltip Title

Enable the Tooltip Title and Set the Content.


  • Determine the Size of the Tooltip. 
  • Set the Width of the Tooltip as a Fixed Value or make it based on content.


Choose the Tooltip Position and define the Offset Values of the Tooltip on the X- and Y- axis.


  • Interactive Tooltip 
Ability to interact with the Tooltip content. Tooltip doesn't disappear on hover. i.e.: clickable links on the tooltip text.
  • Show Tooltip on Page Load

Tooltip will be shown after the page is loaded and will persist until it's hovered/ clicked. 

Effects and Animations

Gives you the ability to add effects and animations

advanced text object with tooltip - examples:

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