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The Tooltip menu has several configurable settings including effects and animations. To display the full Tooltip settings you'll need to select Enable Tooltip, then set the Tooltip Settings Mode to Advanced. You can also set the Tooltip Mode, and choose to Show Tooltip arrow and Show question mark on hover. 

Figure 1: Settings

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Tooltip Text

With Tooltip Text (Figure 2) you can set the Content Text, Content Color, and Content Background

Figure 2: Tooltip Text

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Tooltip Title, Size, Position

You can set the Tooltip Title by selecting Enable Title (Figure 3), then entering some Title Content, setting the Title Color and choosing a color for the Title Background. You can also set the title Size, customize the Tooltip Width, and set the tooltip Position, offsetting the tooltip value against the X or Y axis. 

Figure 3: Title, Size, Position

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Events, Effects and Animations

With Events (Figure 4) you can choose to enable Interactive Tooltip, and Show Tooltip on Page Load. Effects and Animations allow you to display animation effects in the object, and control the Speed, Delay and Hide Delay.

Figure 4: Effects and Animations

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