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Vizlib Teamwork improves the process of communication around your data. It gives you an ability to share insights, discuss and argue around the data avoiding disconnections. Just like any other chatting technology. See what happens to your decision-making process when you empower your team to handle data confidently and converse, collaborate and share knowledge directly in Qlik Sense. 

Sheet or Master Item level Commentary 

Shorten the communication cycle by associating your comments to individual charts

or by commenting on the whole sheet. 


Tie your Comments to Bookmarks or Selections 


Create and share bookmarks with the same selections to provide more context and avoid miscommunication.


Rich Commentary Editor 

You can just type the message in and use emoji or our new experimental feature - giphy icons to add some expression and fun around your discussion!

Inline Images


Categories allow you to tie comments to a group/ class or category to better visually organise the list of comments on your master items and visualisations. 



In Teamwork, you can add, manage and configure your Workflows, including choosing when to make workflow comments editable and visible to Teamwork users. 


Threads help you organise your Vizlib Teamwork discussions, letting you ask questions, add context or give feedback on a specific message. Threads remain connected to the original post, but don't disrupt the flow of any other messages. 


Private Notes 

If you don't want to make a comment visible to others - you can add a private note. Private notes are only visible for you. You also have the ability to tie your private notes to bookmarks and revisit them when you open your dashboard next time.

Notifications via eMail, Slack or Microsoft Teams 

To save your time and avoid disconnection while discussing data - Vizlib Teamwork gives you an ability to send notifications to another user directly from your Qlik Sense app. You can send your comments via e-mail, Slack, or Teams and notify a particular person by also including a copy of the underlying data and screenshots of charts. The receiving user will be able to click on the comment to go back directly to the planned integrations, such as Microsoft Teams and Symphony. 

Note: Microsoft Teams does not currently support sharing images or data attachments within Teamwork. 

Download Vizlib Teamwork here

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