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Teamwork Settings

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  • Object Mode

'Sheet'- is a way to comment on the whole sheet. But we also enabled you to have a commentary or a discussion directly on a chart - 'On Master Item'. By setting this display mode you will see the comments and annotations that have been directly related to that particular visualization.

Comments will only appear on master items.

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Comments - Master Items Only Example

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Comments - Sheet level Example

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Comments - Sheet & Master Item Level Example

  • Visualization Icon Position

With Vizlib Teamwork you have an extension which will be prompt on the screen in the way that it will not disrupt the standard dashboard flow. You just need to choose the visualization icon position. You can expand the icon to see a lot of comments and conversations. 

icon position -right, example

icon position - left, example

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Comments Settings

  • Channel
Channel allows you to separate different users who collaborate within the same application. For instance: senior management might not be interested in seeing comments made by the IT department.
  • Comments scope
If Global, comments added within this sheet will be visible on different sheets if same master items are used.
  • Display newest comments

Choose whether it is more comfortable for your sight to see latest comments on the top or bottom of the teamwork object. 

  • Add comments condition
If condition is non-empty string- add comment is not allowed. The condition message will be shown as a message to the user.

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User Profile

  • Profile Content Library

Profile Content Library points out to the Qlik Sense Content Library where you should store users avatars.

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Data Handling

  • Calculation Condition

Only calculates the Object if this condition is true.

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