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The Settings section covers properties and settings which control the main behavior and look and feel of the Vizlib Calendar.


Choose between advanced and basic settings mode. The advanced mode will allow you to see all available settings whereas the basic mode only displays a subset of those, for a more user-friendly configuration.

Selection Bar

If the display view is collapsed - you can enable the selection bar and choose its position on top or bottom of the calendar object.

Date Picker

This setting allows you to choose between a single date picker (to select one single date at a time) or a date range picker (to select ranges of dates).

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Date Picker Examples

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Display View

Display View

Either collapse the calendar object to only display when the user clicks on the input box (saves real estate) or show the calendar expanded in full view.

Placeholder Text

If no selections are made in the date field, the placeholder text will be displayed in the input box.

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Calendar Label

Show/Hide the calendar label. 

You can modify the label name.

Label Color

Choose the Label Color using color picker or standard Qlik Sense Expression.

Font Size

Set the font size using slider or by expression.

Label Font Style

Choose the label font style.

Label Position

Choose the position of the calendar Label: Inline/ Top/ Bottom.

Label Orientation

Choose between left and right label orientation.

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Choose the background color of the calendar placeholder.

Font Color

Define the font color.


Enable borders.

Border Color

Choose the border color.

Border Thickness

Set the width of the border line.

Border Radius

Determine the border radius.

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Background Example

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Input Width 

Input width
Modify the width size of the input box by either defining a width size or setting fixed mode.

Input Width Example

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