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Vizlib Calendar Properties - Settings

The Settings section covers properties and settings which control the main behavior and look and feel of your Vizlib Calendar.


Settings, Selection Bar, Date Picker, Display View

If you choose Advanced settings (Figure 1), you'll display all the options available for customizing the calendar. Basic mode offers a more limited choice. You can also display a Selection Bar (if the display view is collapsed) and set its position, select a category of Date Picker (a single date or a date range with a start and end) and choose a Display View to show the full calendar or collapse it into a dropdown. 

Figure 1: Settings, Selection Bar, Date Picker, Display View

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Placeholder Text, Calendar Label

You can enter some Placeholder Text (Figure 2) to display a message if no selections have been made in the calendar, and show a Calendar label, setting the Label Color, Font Size, Label Font Style and Label Position.

Figure 2: Placeholder Text, Label

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Background, Border, Input Width 

You can set a Background for the calendar (Figure 3), choosing a Font Color, and choose to display a Border, setting the Border Color, Border Thickness, and Border Radius. You can choose an Input Width, either define the size of the input box as a fixed value or choosing to automatically Fill the box. 

Figure 3: Background, Border

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