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Vizlib Collaboration - Bookmarks & Selection Fields - Enterprise Only


  • Bookmarks

Not only conversations and comments, but also the context is preserved!

*Shareable bookmarks are only available in Vizlib Collaboration Enterprise. More information here 

Preserve the context of your selection by tying them up to bookmarks. This feature states the selections of your view which can be shared with other users. There is a tiny icon. If other users click on it - your selections will be reapplied on their dashboards. It allows them easily understand what you were looking at , back then while making your comments.

Watch the video Vizlib Collaboration - Sharing Bookmarks for more details!

Selection Fields

Hierarchy Groups

Hierarchy Groups allows you to attach selections made on defined fields to a comment. Typically you would add a time dimension hierarchy (such as Year/Month/Day) and one or more other hierarchies that are related to your data. The difference compared to bookmarks is that with hierarchies you can define exactly what should be shown not just related to a selection but to a defined set of fields. 

Hierarchy Group Mode

There are several different ways to use the Hiearchy Groups. The rules are defined by the Hiearchy Group Mode setting.

NOTE! You have to set up the Hierarchy and rules before making comments for the settings to take effect!

All related will show all comments that are related to a certain selection. If nothing is selected then all comments will be shown.

Active or lower hierarchy group is almost the same but with no selections made higher up in the hierarchy the comments will not be shown even if they are related (associated) in Qlik. 

Active hierarchy group will limit the comments so that only comments with exactly that selection is shown. I.e. you have to make a selection in the lowest level specified in the hierarchies.

Adding Hierarchies

Period Hierarchy should typically include the most used time dimensions. Any number of levels can be used in the hierarchy but make sure each one is an aggregate of the next.

For Hierarchy Groups A-C you can use any dimensions you choose. Common options are geographical, organizational or product group related fields. Again, make sure the dimensions within each hierarchy is an aggregate of the level below.

Require selections means that a selection of one (and only one) value has to be made in that hierarchy. The single value has to be selected in the lowest level of the hierarchy where a selection is made.

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