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Vizlib Teamwork - Interactivity and Alternate States


  • Can Take Snapshot

Enable and disable the ability for users to take snapshots of this object. 

  • Show Maximize Icon

Enable and disable the ability for users to maximize objects.

snapshot icon

maximize icon

  • Visualizations Likes

Absolutely new feature for Vizlib! Let the users express how they like your dashboard items by simply leaving likes. It is also possible to see the exact number of likes on your visualization. 

  • Components Visibility
  • Toolbar

Toolbar located at the top of the Collaboration Extension, containing search input field. 

  • Comments input

Inline input located at the bottom of the Collaboration Extension. When hidden comments can be added only by using the context menu.

  • Experimental Features- Giphy
Add some action and fun to your discussion! 

Alternate States

Alternate States permit you to assign your Vizlib Extension to an alternate selection state.
More about alternate states can be found here: Alternate States Blog.

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