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Vizlib Sheet Menu Properties- Global Settings and Alternate States


Global Settings 

Global Settings modify the appearance of your sheet. Here you have the ability to hide the native sheet title creating more real estate for what matters. Furthermore, you will be able to also hide the top sheet menu bar visibility and hide the base sheets from the Qlik Sense Sheet Navigator for full control over which sheets are exposed to the users. 

  • Object in Canvas
Hide Object in edit menu so it doesn't take any space on the sheet canvas. 

The icon below will appear, this can be clicked on to open the property panel once the object is hidden. Once clicked, the object is selected and can be copied, cut or deleted

  • Sheet Title/ Breadcrumbs
Native sheet title visibility above the sheet canvas. Use breadcrumbs option to track user journey through application sheets. 
  • Sheet Menu
Top sheet menu bar visibility.
  • Base Sheets
Show/ hide base sheets in the native navigation sheet dialog when the app is published.
  • Native Buttons in Edit Mode
Ignore show/ hide conditions for menu Native Buttons in edit mode only. (Developer mode).
  • Swipe screen (touch only) 
Swipe screen to navigate between sheets. 

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Alternate States

Alternate States permit you to assign Vizlib Sheet Menu to an alternate selection state. If you want to add the object to master visualizations, you need to set State to InheritedYou can find more information about working with alternate states here

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Sheet-level CSS Styling / Branding 

In Qlik Sense CSS styles can now be added at sheet level and turned on and off in an instant. This offers a new way to show multiple branded dashboards in a single Qlik Sense application, or offer greater accessible visual options to users.

Check out the demo app here

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