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Vizlib KPI Designer - Full legacy change log

This legacy change log captures all historic changes to the Vizlib KPI Designer, up until the 20th of September 2018. All future release notes can  be found in the "What's New in Vizlib?" section of the Community Forum.

Legacy Change Log

v1.1 20/09/2018

New Features:
  • Added sorting (by dimension & measure) in the Line and Bar chart layers.
Bug Fixes:
  • Changing axis label font size wasn't working on the bullet chart layer.
  • Borders settings were not getting applied on the Bar chart layer.
  • Missing some axis values on the bullet chart layer.
  • Fixed some rendering issues on IE.
  • Fixed unused top/bottom margin in layers.
  • Fixed css conflicts between Vizlib KPI & Vizlib Pivot Table.
  • Fixed some css cuts on the text layer in Firefox.
  • Right click was not showing the layers menu in some screen sizes & browsers.
v1.0 29/08/2018

First Release.

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