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We constantly update and improve all our extensions to deliver new features and fix bugs discovered in previous versions. This page documents all historic changes made to the extension since its initial release.

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 v3.3.2  -   23/06/20  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-6169]: Listbox was not selectable using Internet Explorer   
  •  [LIB-6168]: Double quote appeared in label used in Filter  
  •  [LIB-6115]: Resolved console errors  
  •  [LIB-5927]:  Default Value is Re-Selected When Two Instances of Filter Have Default Values  

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 v3.3.1  -   03/06/20  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-5971]: Dropdown label was missing some characters  

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 v3.3.0  -   01/06/20  

  New features:  
  •  [LIB-2970]: Added Qlik's app-level "always one selected value" option, to the property panel  
  •  [LIB-3541]: Add styling options to the Filter Dropdown  
  •  [LIB-3750]: Included search disable option for dropdown filter  
  •  [LIB-5692]: Property Panel Search  
  •  [LIB-5571]: Make single selections when holding CTRL key  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-5332]: Dimension values longer than 14 characters are not displayed  
  •  [LIB-5733]: Dimension Sorted By expression hides all values in the list  
  •  [LIB-4899]: Context menu clear field was not working  
  •  [LIB-5523]: Search results stopped intermittently  

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 v3.2.1  -   14/04/20  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-5403]: RGB color support for background color      
  •  [LIB-5404]: Values cannot be selected when using responsive listbox   

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 v3.1.4  -   19/03/20  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-4944]: Implement Vizlib Templates  
  •  [LIB-3425]: Qlik Sense February 2020 Support  

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 v3.1.3  -   25/02/20  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-3956]: Do Not Apply Default Selections When returning from "Selections" state  
  •  [LIB-4047]: Console errors in mashup  
  •  [LIB-3042]: Selection sometimes doesn't work with two filters having the same dimension.  
  •  [LIB-4182]: Hide excluded interfered with multiple levels of drill-down dimensions   
  •  [LIB-5043]: Default selection not working in mashup  

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 v3.1.2  -   17/02/20  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-3686]: Default value is re-selected when a drop down filter is scrolled and selected  
  •  [LIB-3725]: v3.x.x actions now fires before making/identifying the new selection  
  •  [LIB-4166], [LIB-4909] : Vizlb Filter dropdown Label Not updating when dimension value is selected  
  •  [LIB-3695]: Field Label not displayed when using text with quotes  
  •  [LIB-4216]: change "a" to "an" in "select a" when placed before a word that starts with a vowel sound  
  •  [LIB-4215]: Need to click twice to trigger Set Variable action that contains IF statement  

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 v3.1.1  -   24/01/20  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [VSP-1240]: Vizlib Filter Title hover-over Missing  
  •  [VSP-1136]: Field Label not displayed when using expressions with strings/quotes  
  •  [VSP-1241]: Side menu search box is duplicated when selections are made in side menu  
  •  [VSP-1199]: Snapshots of Filters, when used in stories were mutable (respond to selections)  
  •  [VSP-1273]: Actions were not working when Display type was set to ‘Buttongroup’.  
  •  [VSP-1180]: Qlik Sense Feb 19 - Maximize and Snapshot Icons Always Displaying  

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 v3.1.0  -   20/01/20  

  New features:  
  •  [VSP-841]: Add ability to disable border/corner rounding in "drop down" filter  
  •  [VSP-1235]: Support for Alternate States in Vizlib Actions  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [VZB-2688]: "Access is denied" message occured after duplicating sheet on server   
  •  [VSP-1238]: Field selection action triggered before making selection  
  •  [VSP-1200]: Invalid parameters   

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 v3.0.3  -   10/01/20  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [VSP-1217]: Vizlib Filter causes bookmarks section to show blank  

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 v3.0.2  -   24/12/19  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [VSP-1195]: ButtonGroup selection issue when one selected values are enabled  
  •  [VSP-1193]: Custom sorting expressions were not saved correctly after being applied  
  •  [VSP-1175]: Filter only shows first 10,000 values  

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 v3.0.1  -   06/12/19  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [VSP-1141]: "One selected value" setting does not work correctly with "Default selection".   
  •  [VZB-2658]: Searching for only 1 values causes engine errors  
  •  [VZB-2682]: Filter not working in side menu of the Sheet Menu  

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 v3.0.0  -   28/11/19  


  • [VZB-2041]:Add selection confirmation window for listbox filter mode
  • [VSP-668]:Add a search mode called Exact search under search options in Vizlib Filter

  Bug Fixes:  

  • [VSP-1028]:HTML tag causing display issues in mashup
  • [VSP-1015]:Vizlib Filter default selection not working in mashup
  • [VSP-1001], [VSP-961], [VSP-933]:Vizlib Filter Icon Incorrect in the Search field and in the drill-down
  • [VSP-960]:Syntax error on Internet Explorer 
  • [VSP-945]:Filter does not react to Dim change after being turned into a master item
  • [VSP-858]:Firefox buttongroup displaying incorrectly
  • [VSP-837]:Vizlib Filter cannot select more than 1000 values
  • [VSP-773]:Bottom Border in selection mode sometimes is not visible
  • [VSP-480]:Vizlib Filter duplicates values shown in list when conditions are used in values

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 v2.3.2  -   10/10/19  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [ VSP-812]:  Vizlib Pivot table produce "calculation Condition is not fulfilled" message when V Filter Default value is used in the same sheet  
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 v2.3.1  -   30/07/19  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •   [VSP-626]: CSS clash with Qlik Geo analytics map  

More information...
 v2.3.0  -   09/07/19  

  New features:  
  •   [VSP-654]: Add auto-size to Vizlib Filter button group  

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 v2.2.3  -   19/06/19  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •   [VZB-1502]: Qlik Sense June 2019 support  

More information...
 v2.2.2  -   08/05/19  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •   [VZB-1223], [VZB-1222], [VZB-1224] : Support for April 2019  
  •   [VSP-484]: Vizlib Filter does not appear in Qlik desktop client  

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 v2.2.1  -   18/04/19  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •   [VSP-440]: Object does not fit into assigned grid space (when using Sense Focus theme)  
  •   [VSP-404]: Added in missing Qlik Sense standard title to Vizlib Filter  
  •   [VSP-462]: Filter default selections stopped working for some expressions and calculated dimensions  
  •   [VSP-469]: Filter not evaluating custom label expression  

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 v2.2  -   02/04/19  

  New features:  
  •   [VZB-854]: Vizlib Filter performance improvement by data paging  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •   [VSP-402]: Double borders in Vizlib Filter  
  •   [VSP-400]: Compact Filter does not use custom title (responsive filter can now be styled using dropdown styling)  
  •   [VSP-352]: Default Selection is not reading Alternate State  
  •   [VSP-387]: Default Selections on filter not being applied correctly  

More information...
 v2.1.3  -   05/03/19  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •   [VZB-798]: corrected issue with default selections introduced in v2.1.2  

More information...
 v2.1.2  -   04/03/19  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •   [VSP-285]: Dropdown filters doesn't automatically close  
  •   [VSP-237]: Vizlib Filter Default selection does not work in data gaps  

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 v2.1.1  -   18/02/19  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •   [VSP-202]: Vizlib Filter causes VizLib Container to hide (between sheets)  
  •   [VZB-475]: Filter actions are not correctly applying to variable  
  •   [VZB-730]: Multiple Actions no applied in sequence  
  •   [VZB-459]: Hide duplicate alternate states  

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 v2.1  -   14/01/19  

  New features:  
  •   [VSP-65]: Added actions on selections  
  •   [VSP-380]: dropdown performance optimisations  

More information...
 v2.0.0 -   20/12/18  

  New features:  
  •   [#162663131] : Big performance improvements  
  •   [#160669380]: support HTML in dropdown title, for full styling control  
  •   [#162789707]: Ability to control the position of the dropdown  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •   [#161177517]: Corrected issues with default selection in story mode  
  •   [#161778633]: calc cond expression message not applied  
  •   [#160558671]: Corrected issues with the searchbox  

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 v1.8  -   20/11/18  

  New features:  
  •   [#161206339]: implement ppt/pdf printing  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •   [#161703875]: Hide excluded creates duplicate rows in some scenarios  
  •   [#161703250]: Vizlib Filter makes selection search icon from navigation bar gets replaced  
  •   [#161141776]: corrupted data on export when show value condition is used  

More information...
 v1.7.3  -   23/10/18  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •   [#161314616]: Wildcard search not always working in MS Edge  

More information...
 v1.7.2  -   19/10/18  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •   [#161084167]: Incorrect condition for displaying info on the property panel  
  •   [#161206593]: invalid viz. error in mashup with sessionApps  

More information...
 v1.7.1  -   09/10/18  

  New features:  
  •   [#161093860]: Added 'hide automatically' for the dropdown mode.  
  •   [#160985850]: Scroll top after selection option  
  •   [#160386316]: right click menu options don't work when in container  
  •   [#160558583]: when writing on the search box, mouse cursor goes at the bottom if you go too fast  
  •   [#161047532]: Scrollbar gets repositioned when dragging the scroll with the cursor.  
  •   [#161047891]: Drag selection fix  
  •   [#160982633]: Search box text was not cleared on dropdown mode after reopen.  
  •   [#160558464]: Filter flicks on render  
  •   [#161047497]: Hide Dropdown After Selection doesnt work in some scenarios  

More information...
v1.7 28/08/2018 

New Features:
  • Keep searchbox at the top when scrolling in dropdown mode.
  • Add new option in interactivity to hide the dropdown after applying a selection.
Bug Fixes:
  • When in single select the dropdown label was blinking after a selection displaying the previous value.
  • Top border radius of listbox was not getting applied.
  • Added margin to text in button groups when Fit-to-data mode.
  • When in listbox mode the transparent background was getting lost after changing and coming back to the sheet.
  • Fixed compatibility with Firefox 45.8.
v1.6  20/08/2018

New Features: 
  • Big performance improve for dimensions with a lot of data values - added virtualisation on the filter.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed some rendering issues in Firefox.
v1.5.1 16/08/2018 

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed size to data dropdown mode for led style.
v1.5 05/08/2018 

New Features:
  • Added show/hide data handling for the whole filter.
  • Added ability to set the background color of the container when in dropdown mode.
  • Improved the dropdown height with an auto size to data.

Bug Fixes: 

  • Search was not working in Firefox.
  • Show/Hide snapshot option in interactivity was not working.
v1.4.1 05/07/2018 

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed search box now working on firefox. 
v1.4 11/06/2018 

New Features:
  • Add option to lock Default selections.

Bug Fixes: 

  • Fixed compatibility with NPrinting.
v1.3.1 29/05/2018 

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed some rendering issues with QS April'18.
v1.3 04/05/2018 

New Features: 
  • New interactivity option, 'Set Default(s) on open'. Where default selections are applied on sheet open event.

v1.2.2 20/04/2018 

Bug Fixes:
  • When one selected value is activated, prevent drag-select.
  • When in Dropdown mode and one selected value is activated, close the dropdown after selection.
v1.2.1 30/03/2018 

Bug Fixes:
  • Input text was still visible & focused after dropdown was collapsed.
  • Scrollbar returning to the top after selections.
  • In IE, when you finish scrolling it would end with a selection. This has been suppressed.
  • Right-side border was not visible in Chrome sometimes.
v1.1 16/02/2018 

New Features:
  • Vizlib Filter now supports Alternate States.

Bug Fixes: 

  • Fixed IE11 compatibility issue.
  • Fixed some CSS styling issues in IE.
  • Fixed an issue where the General Options property panel was sometimes hiding.
v1.0.2 14/02/2018 

Bug Fixes:
  • DefaultValues was not properly supporting Variables.
  • Improved some inconsistencies in how one selected value was working.
v1.0.1 12/02/2018 

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed several tiny CSS bug fixes for Qlik Sense Desktop and for Qlik Sense Focus Theme.
v1.0  31/01/2018

First Release:
  • Dropdown/Listbox/Buttongroup components.
  • Responsive Qlik filter state design, which can be customised.
  • One Selected Value & pre-defined selections.
  • Rich formatting options.

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