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Vizlib Combo Chart - Changelog

We constantly update and improve all our extensions to deliver new features and fix bugs discovered in previous versions. This page documents all historic changes made to the extension since its initial release.

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v1.9.5 - 20/08/21

Bug Fixes:
  • [LIB-9960]: Console Errors
  • [LIB-9798]: Display in Qlik Native Container
  • [LIB-9684]: Alternate State Setting Section
  • [LIB-9585]: Y-Axis Labels Display
  • [LIB-9716]: Alternative Dimensions Labels
  • [LIB-9589]:Tooltips and Legend Colors
  • [LIB-9101]: Chart Scale in Story Mode

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v1.9.4 - 26/07/21

Bug Fixes:
  • [LIB-9677]: Viztips Console Errors
  • [LIB-9656]:Mobile View Errors
  • [LIB-9498]: Expression Editor Loading Time
  • [LIB-9399]:Tooltip Display
  • [LIB-9398]: Number Auto Format Ticks Display
  • [LIB-9252]: Secondary Axis Title

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v1.9.3 - 29/04/21

Bug Fixes:
  • [LIB-9140]: Upgrade to version 1.9.X
  • [LIB-9138]: Background Display 

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v1.9.2 - 27/04/21

Bug Fixes:
  • [LIB-8973]: X-Axis Tooltip Display 
  • [LIB-8889]: Y-Axis Ticks Formatting
  • [LIB-8890]: White Spacing in Chart Area

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v1.9.1 - 12/04/21

Bug Fixes:
  • [LIB-5267]: Data Values Label is Cut Off 
  • [LIB-8700]: Axis Area Theme Colors Display
  • [LIB-8755]: Line Tooltip Display 
  • [LIB-8810]: Null Data Display 
  • [LIB-8957]: Labels Styling 

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v1.9.0 - 30/03/21

New features:
  • [LIB-8433]: Property Panel Search

Bug Fixes:
  • [LIB-8604]: Grid Lines Display

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v1.8.1 - 11/01/21

Bug Fixes:
  • [LIB-7941]: Measure Duration Format Display
  • [LIB-7481]: Axis Values are Rounded 
  • [LIB-7849]: Values Message Error on The Chart
  • [LIB-8119]: Points Color Display 

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v1.8.0 - 04/12/20

New features:
  • [LIB-7535]: Viztips support for Master Item Layers

Bug Fixes:
  • [LIB-7213]: Full Screen Mode
  • [LIB-6807]: Alternate Dimension Labels Display

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v1.7.3 - 01/10/20

Bug Fixes:
  • [LIB-6720]: Y-axis values
  • [LIB-6947]: "Invalid visualization error: need to use qlik.currApp" 
  • [LIB-6612]:  Threshold Display

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v1.7.2 - 29/09/20

Bug Fixes:
  • [LIB-6496]: Display format (bar/line/symbol) is not recognized in Legend
  • [LIB-7055]: Missing Features in Legend property panel

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v1.7.1 - 25/09/20

Bug Fixes:
  • [LIB-7111]: Adding a Vizlib Combo Chart master item to Vizlib KPI Designer caused crashing
  • [LIB-6486]: Use of conditions impacted the order and relationship of bars to their respective labels
  • [LIB-6894]: Console errors appeared in some configurations of Vizlib Combo Chart
  • [LIB-6757]: Alternate dimensions affecting line area display

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v1.7.0 - 21/09/20

New features:
  • [LIB-6879]: Option to show null values

Bug Fixes:
  • [LIB-6362]: Bars overlapped when calculation conditions used on measures
  • [LIB-6377]: Upgrade issues 
  • [LIB-6479]: Line data points not centered perfectly

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v1.6.2 - 06/08/20

Bug Fixes:
  • [LIB-4477]: Show Overlapped data points display only one measure in tooltip
  • [LIB-6317]: Bars shifted when one of the measure is not calculated 
  • [LIB-5042]: Objects with large datasets not exported

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 v1.6.1  -   26/05/20  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-5919]: Last bar hidden  

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 v1.6.0  -   19/05/20  

  New features:  
  •  [LIB-5287]: Add Master Item color support  

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 v1.5.0  -   14/05/20  

  New features:  
  •  [LIB-5470]: Add Support for Viztips  

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 v1.4.5  -   30/04/20  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-5267]: Combo Chart doesn't show all values when data representation is set to Line  
  •  [LIB-4469]: Y-axis labels font size updated when number of bars change  
  •  [LIB-5263]: Column "2" shifts to column "1" location when column "1" has null value   
  •  [LIB-4395]: Axis not displayed or too small in Horizontal mode  
  •  [LIB-4436]: Vizlib Combo Chart does not follow the separators set by the load editor when axis tick format is 10.00k  

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 v1.4.4  -   12/02/20  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [LIB-4391]: Too much white space under the x-axis in horizontal mode  
  •  [LIB-4404]: Arrows in legend of combo chart not working on iPad  
  •  [LIB-4410]: Axis title for the secondary axis is missing  
  •  [LIB-4325]: Setting Color Scheme to Single Color hides the Legend option   
  •  [LIB-4393, LIB-3339 ]: Issue when Selecting Alternative Dimensions  
  •  [LIB-4440]: Switching the X-axis on a published combo triggers an error  
  •  [LIB-4481]: Hiding Legend also Hides Y axis set to Secondary Position  
  •  [LIB-4376]: Row-level color not calculating for line style in Combo Chart  

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 v1.4.3  -   17/10/19  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [VZB-2277]: Drilldown Icon Incorrect in june'19 & sept'19  
  •  [VSP-783]: Legend Sort Order reversed compared to data section  
  •  [VSP-651]: Alt drill-down dimension not working with Vizlib Combo Chart in Master item  
  •  [VSP-956]: Dates and points don't work anymore after the upgrade from 1.3 to 1.3.3  

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 v1.4.2  -   02/10/19  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [VZB-2150]: Adding localization to number formatting  
  •  [VZB-2197]: Corrected minor issues on a date or duration axis  
  •  [VSP-772]: No inheritance of calculated label from master items  
  •  [VZB-2086]: Improved accuracy minicharts  
  •  [VZB-2226]: Bars not always stacking  
  •  [VSP-581]: Corrected axis number formatting  
  •  [VZB-2225]: Axis Label overlaps with y ticks  
  •  [VZB-2227]: Corrected issues with overlapping bars  

  Performance Issues:  
  •  [VZB-2090]: Browser sometimes slows down when Vizlib Combo Chart is initialised  

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 v1.4.1  -   20/09/19  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [VZB-2017]: Arrow icons in combo chart legend are missing in Qlik Sense September 2019  

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 v1.4.0  -   12/09/19  

  New features:  
  •  [VSP-567]: Vizlib Combo Chart y-axis labels override character limit  
  •  [VZB-1578]: Vizlib Combo Chart implement time/duration formatting for y-axis values  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [VSP-818] - [VSP-810]: Measure Axis number formatting has an extra decimal showing  
  •  [VSP-763]: If secondary axis is displayed, bars with negatives are not displayed   
  •  [VSP-631]: Double width bar of a measure at the first value of a dimension in a combo chart  
  •  [VZB-1291], [VZB-1932]: Incorrect coloring if one item is selected when using the gradient  

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 v1.3.3  -   26/07/19  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •   [VZB-1853]: Memory Optimisation  
  •   [VSP-665]: Custom Colours are not used on the lines of the Vizlib Combo Chart  

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 v1.3.2  -   18/06/19  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •   [VZB-1540]: Qlik Sense June 2019 support  
  •   [VSP-606]: Removing calculation condition then refresh creates issues on Chrome  

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 v1.3.1  -   24/05/19  

  New features:  
  •   [VSP-531]: Add show values feature for icons and symbols  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •   [VSP-505]: Number Formatting issues  
  •   [VZB-1235]: Qlik Sense April 2019 Support  
  •   [VSP-415]: Combo line rendering bugs when measures shown on condition  
  •   [VSP-526]: Tooltip Data values in Vizlib Combo Chart have additional rounding applied  

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 v1.3  -   28/03/19  

  New features:  
  •   [VZB-733]: implemented bar background image pattern  
  •   [VSP-251]: Inherit native number abbreviation formatting from the script  
  •   [VSP-308]: Possibility to display data values on line chart  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •   [VZB-604]: After switching between axis positions chart is displayed outside axis area 
  •   [VZB-893]: Vizlib Combo Chart radius issue  
  •   [VZB-584]: Corrected errors caused by false calc condition of bars  

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 v1.2  -   25/02/19  

  New features:  
  •   [VZB-694]: Enhanced Data Values auto font colour and font auto-sizing options  
  •   [VZB-629]: Add button group [small|medium|large] for Data Values auto sizing  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •   [VZB-729]: Conversion from Vizlib Bar Chart -> Vizlib Combo Chart not working  
  •   [VZB-682]: Alternate state panel component inconsistent  

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 v1.1  -   07/02/19  

  New features:  
  •   [VSP-195]: Added option for each measure to hide measure labels from y-axis/alternatives  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •   [VZB-647]: When selecting bars, some data points are not highlighted  
  •   [VSP-209]: Some settings were not carried over when the extension was created with visualisation API  
  •   [VZB-667]: Nulls are connected by lines on horizontal orientation  
  •   [VSP-194]: Issues with Secondary Axis on the Combo Chart  
  •   [VZB-624]: Bar opacity not working as normal  
  •   [VZB-615]: Line presentation is to the right hand side  

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 v1.0.2  -   01/02/19  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •   [VSP-188]: Version 1.0.1 ComboChart changes Line Graph position  

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 v1.0.1  -   31/01/19  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •   [VZB-585]: Line chart exceeds drawing area  
  •   [VZB-608]: Apply changes that prevent crashing if shape is undefined  
  •   [VZB-582]: Incorrect value in tooltip if benchmark is applied  

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 v1.0.0  -   25/07/2019  

Initial release

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