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Vizlib Mekko Chart Properties - Dimensions, Measures, Data Handling, Sorting


Vizlib Mekko Chart supports two Dimensions with one Measure. It shows two expressions for each dimension: one using the height and one using the width of the bars. The width of each column is determined by the value of the horizontal axis metric. The height of each segment in an individual column is determined by the value of the vertical axis metric.


When you add a Dimension (Figure 1) you can choose to Include null values, and set a Limitation - Fixed number (e.g. the top 10 values), an Exact value, a Relative value (e.g. only values above 50%). 

Figure 1: Dimension

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When you add a Measure (Figure 2), you can use either fields or master items. If you use a master item, you can enable Master measure formatting, which means formatting for the measure will be taken from the master item definition (you can find master items in the Custom Objects menu in the left hand panel). You can also choose from a range of Number formatting options.

Figure 2: Measures

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Data Handling

Data Handling settings (Figure 3) are held in the Add-ons menu allow you to set a Calculation condition, with a Displayed message you can customize to let users know the condition has not been met.

Figure 3: Data Handling

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The Sorting settings (Figure 4) allow you to customize the sort order for each dimension in your Vizlib Mekko Chart, with options to Sort by expression, Sort numerically or Sort alphabetically

Figure 4: Sorting

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