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We constantly update and improve all our extensions to deliver new features and fix bugs discovered in previous versions. This page documents all historic changes made to the extension since its initial release.

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 v2.2.0  -   30/11/20  

  New features:  
  •  [CLB-1984]: Improved integration for the Mentions feature when using email integration  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [CLB-475]: Improvements when using different screen sizes  
  •  [CLB-1959]: Fixes related to deletion of comments  
  •  [CLB-2141]: Fix for 'access denied' error thrown by Qlik Sense, when using section access protected applications  
  •  [CLB-2028]: Fix for email integration not displaying comment


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 v2.1.0  -   04/11/20  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [CLB-2062]: Access denied error thrown when using Bookmark Selections and Analyzer License.  

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 v2.0.1  -   14/10/20  

  New features:  
  •  [CLB-1364]: Improvement to slack integration - refresh list  
  •  [CLB-1857]: Qlik Sense Desktop not supported warning  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [CLB-1758]: Inline images - improved error handling  
  •  [CLB-1993]: Error during editing of threads  

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 v2.0.0  -   23/09/20  

  New features:  
  •  [CLB-142]: [Enterprise only] User mentioning  
  •  [CLB-1954]: [Enterprise only] Access denied error when trying to connect to Teamwork  

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 v1.6.1  -   28/07/20  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [CLB-862]: Neither edit nor delete is not available for professional users  
  •  [CLB-1657]: When using virtual proxy credentials prompt can be shown when using Teamwork  

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 v1.6.0  -   26/05/20  

  New features:  
  •  [CLB-1396]:  Introducing Vizlib Teamwork!
    Big changes are coming to the Vizlib Collaboration product. As a first step, we are renaming the Vizlib Collaboration extension to Vizlib Teamwork.
  •  [CLB-1090]: Application reload and comments visibility  
  •  [CLB-1063]:  Vizlib Server - Security Rules Management 
    A brand new way of controlling security access around Collaboration has landed! Learn more here.

  •  [CLB-1268]: Inline images for comments
     Have you missed the option of linking and storing how a visualization looked when posting a comment? Those days are gone with inline images!


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 v1.5.1  -   30/04/20  

  New features:  
  •  [CLB-1177]: Support Qlik Sense Cloud user profiles in comments
    Starting from this version user profile information is properly displayed while using Collaboration in Qlik Sense Cloud. 

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 v1.5.0  -   17/04/20  

  New features:  
  •  [CLB-1044]: Collaboration Threads  
  •  [CLB-1053]: Comment sharing improvements  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [CLB-1079]: [Enterprise only] Deleting a comment is causing comments list to scroll to the newest  
  •  [CLB-978]: [Enterprise only] Using Vizlib Table allong with Vizlib Collaboration breaks some workflow icons in Collaboration

  •  [CLB-1091]: [Professional and Enterprise only] Sometimes comments are not loaded upon scroll
    In some screen resolutions previous comments were not loaded upon scrolling, message 'Loading comments' was appearing and nothing was happening. 

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 v1.3.2  -   12/03/20  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [CLB-702]: [Enterprise Only] Editing comment is causing comments list to reload to newest comments  
  •  [CLB-341]: [Enterprise Only] User is able to edit a comment in the way that it contains only new lines
    Validation has been fixed, it won't be possible anymore.

  •  [CLB-994]: [Enterprise Only] Comments email distribution UI fixes
    In some scenarios when distributing comments via email, extension could show suggestions from outside of allowed domain. Such distributions were still rejected by the server, so there was no security concern - we now fixed the UI part, so there is no confusion for the users.

  •  [CLB-940]: [Enterprise Only] Comment editing doesn't work for safari  

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 v1.3.1  -   18/02/20  

  New features:  
  •  [CLB-872]: Collaboration Workflows [Enterprise only]  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [CLB-969]: Selection not applied when selections are required on a field  
  •  [CLB-428]: Link to documentation doesn't work
    Link in the property panel pointing to Streams documentation has been fixed. 

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 v1.2.1  -   15/01/20  

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [VZCLB-856]: Edit comment is no longer working
    In version 1.2.0 there was a bug, which was causing an error upon comment edition if new feature categories was not enabled. As a consequence it was not possible to edit comment text. 

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 v1.2.0  -   09/01/20  

  New features:  
  •  [CL-1021]: Categories: Introduce Category Levels
    Categories allow users to tag commentary with additional metadata - e.g. a priority. Click here to learn more. 

  Bug Fixes:  
  •  [CL-1157]: Vizlib Management Console -  Unnecessary URL changes on save when using port 443/80
  •  [VSP-1046] Collaboration icon stays on the sheet after deleting it

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v1.0.0 11/07/2019

First Release.

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