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This article contains Frequently Asked Questions about using Qlik Sense with Vizlib products. You can find articles on NPrinting Compatibility and Deploying Vizlib Products in Qlik SaaS which outline more detailed processes for working with Qlik Sense, and there are also articles on Best Practice and Performance Optimisation and Diagnosing Performance in Qlik Sense.


Which versions of Qlik Sense are supported?

We provide full support for the previous 6 releases of Qlik Sense Server and Qlik Sense Desktop. This excludes patch releases. We do work with Qlik on new versions of Qlik Sense before release to ensure we can provide updates to our extensions, providing the latest compatibility updates for the release day of new Qlik Sense releases. For NPrinting, the version you are using will need to be compatible with the Qlik Sense releases we currently support. 

For older versions, support is provided but may be limited - we cannot guarantee that all features will work (we use modern Qlik APIs which may require more recent version of Qlik Sense). 

You can find out more about the features for each Qlik Sense Release by by visiting their Support site and selecting the release you want from the dropdown. 

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Do Vizlib Products work on Qlik Sense Mobile (iOS & Android Apps)?

Vizlib Products do work on Qlik Sense mobile apps. Most devices will apply updates automatically, which means Qlik Sense mobile apps will be using the latest version of Qlik Sense. If you have mobile app users for Qlik Sense, your Vizlib Extensions will need to be relatively up to date. 

We always support the latest version of Qlik Sense - so when your mobile device updates the app, i.e. when a new version of Qlik Sense is released, your Vizlib extensions must be updated. This means they will the changes you need for compatibility with the latest version of Qlik Sense.

Whilst your environment may not be using the latest version of Qlik Sense, the mobile will continue to render using the latest version. It is likely that different versions of Qlik Sense Server and Qlik Sense Mobile will be in use at the same time.

  • Server running - Qlik Sense February 2020
  • Qlik Sense Mobile App - Qlik Sense February 2020
  • Vizlib Extensions - Latest version OR bundle for October/November 2019

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Does Vizlib work with Qlik Sense Cloud / Qlik SaaS?

Vizlib extensions add-on can be installed on your Qlik Sense environment via the Qlik Management Console (QMC) by importing the downloaded .zip file. Vizlib can work in Qlik Sense regardless of where it's hosted: on your premises, private cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure, or even Google Cloud. 

All of our extensions are designed to deploy in Qlik SaaS (formerly Qlik Sense Cloud), but we have also found some known issues related to Qlik SaaS, and you can find them listed in the article on Qlik SaaS deployment here. Please contact Vizlib Support if you need any help or advice with cloud deployments. 

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When will Vizlib be compatible with Nebula.js?

Vizlib is in constant contact with Qlik Sense to ensure continued stability for all our customers during the transition to Nebula.js (and any other new Qlik Sense APIs), and we use all available API functionality to maximise the benefits of integrating Qlik Sense APIs with our products. Every effort is made to ensure Vizlib products keep pace with any evolution in Qlik Sense functionality, and we see this approach as a key advantage in using Vizlib extensions compared to custom-made solutions or products available from other vendors. 

The capabilities API is currently scheduled to start its deprecation period by the end of 2022, and could still be used for up to 18 months after the depreciation period begins. By that time, it's assumed that Qlik Sense will have developed more capabilities for Nebula.js and Vizlib will have been able to implement features based on those capabilities. 

Note: Qlik Sense APIs do not operate on a mutually exclusive timescale, and different Qlik Sense APIs can co-exist alongside each other for an extended period.

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Are my Qlik Sense and Vizlib Product Versions Linked?

Versions of your Vizlib product do not need to be linked or aligned with your version of Qlik Sense. However, recent versions of Vizlib products are recommended, even for older versions of Qlik Sense. Many Vizlib product features are independent of Qlik Sense and can be used across versions, but if a product feature requires a particular version of Qlik Sense, there is a chance the product may not be able to if it is installed on an older version.  

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Which Web Browsers work with Qlik Sense? 

You can find a list of supported browsers for Qlik Sense (desktop and mobile) here

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