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Climber Line Chart - Styling


Styles For the Line

All the styling options are found in the measure settings. There are 3 types of visualization options: Line, Area and Marker. In every type it is possible to enable "Show data points" and "Show data labels". 

TThe data points can also have different marker types. And the type of marker can be decided by using an expression that returns the text description of the marker type.

Multiple Dimensions and Alternative Dimensions/Measures

With more than one dimension each dimensional value of the second dimension will create a new line. Alternative dimension/measures are available just like in the native Qlik Sense line chart. 


Options are available for changing line thickness, color, line style and line interpolation.

Three Line Styles

Three Line Interpolations


For the Area there are the same options as for the line style. Additionally there is an option for changing the color opacity of the area.


For the marker style there are (obviously) no options for the line style and line interpolation. Instead it is possible to use an expression to change the markers for different points.

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