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Vizlib KPI Designer Properties - Pie Chart Layer

Pie Chart is the most straightforward and efficient visual tool for comparing parts of a whole. Add a Pie Chart Layer to your KPI Designer Dashboard for the quick and effective representation of simple distributions of your data.


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Dimensions and Measures

Set the Dimension and Measure.
Choose between by Dimension or Measure.
Define the Sorting type. Enable Auto mode or Sort the field values according to their logical state (selected, optional, alternative or excluded).

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Color Mode

Choose the Color Mode.

  • Single: by color-picker or standard Qlik Expression
  • Dimension
  • Range: Comma separated list of HEX colors.

pad angle

inner radius
corner radius



stroke color

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Show the Label Titles.
Define the font color and size,   as well as Label orientation and position.

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Background Color

Define the Layer's background color.

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