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Vizlib Teamwork - Slack Bot Installation Guide (Enterprise only)

Add Vizlib Teamwork Bot to your workspace

Log in to the Vizlib user portal and navigate to the Integrations section under Vizlib Teamwork.

Click the Add to Slack button and log in to the Slack workspace you would like to add the Vizlib Teamwork bot to.

Type your workspace name and click Continue.

Sign in with your credentials.

Review the access permission for the Vizlib Teamwork Bot, and click Allow. 

Choose if you would like to copy the token to your clipboard or save it, for easy access, in the Vizlib user portal. 

Click OK.

If you choose to save the token in the Vizlib user portal, it will be available in the list on the right-hand side. Here, you can copy it to your clipboard by clicking the Copy button. If you no longer want to store it in the Vizlib user portal, click the X button to permanently remove the token.

Add Integration

After you add the Vizlib Teamwork Bot to your workspace, use the Bot Access Token you receive,  in the Vizlib Server Management Console. Add the integration Type slack, paste the Bot token in the input field and confirm by clicking Add Integration.

Configure Teamwork Streams

Select the slack integration you added in the previous step by selecting it’s Id in the Slack Integration drop down for each Stream you would like to add it to.

Share and send comments with Slack

Add the Teamwork bot to the channels you would like the Teamwork users to be able to send messages to. 

Click the channel name when you are inthe channel you would like to add the Teamwork bot to. Select Add an app.

Search for Vizlib Teamwork and click  Add.

The Teamwork objects should now display the share icon, using the stream configured in previous steps. Click the share icon to open the Share and send modal.

Choose slack in the Share by options. Select the channel to share in and choose if you want to attach data and/or an image. Sharing data and images is only available if sharing on a visualisation not on sheets. 

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